Program presentation

Since 2013, Québec Édition organizes Rendez-vous, a fellowship program offering each year in Montréal (Quebec, Canada) to foreign publishers the opportunity to meet their Quebec and French-Canadian counterparts.

The event takes place in November as part of the Montréal Book Fair. Ten participants from different countries are invited by Québec Édition. This committee ensures by its selection a variety of profiles regarding age, experience and the size of publishing houses.

The objective is to encourage the discovery of our publishing industry and to develop professional dialogue. The program supports publishers in their export activities, strengthens transnational exchanges and focuses on the creation of a vast network of contacts all around the world. By stimulating the international influence of Quebec and French-Canadian literature, Rendez-vous emphasizes the creativity, the expertise and the talent of our book professionals.

Québec’s largest showcase for publishers, the Montréal Book Fair, boasts the largest collection of French language books in North America. Each year, book lovers, reading enthusiasts and curious bookworms meet at this event making it one of the most popular cultural events in the country. Book professionals actively participate in this grandiose event through dynamic networking. Situated in the heart of Montreal, a city known for the richness of its diversity and cultural communities, the Montréal Book Fair is an emblematic event for all.

For the realization of the Rendez-vous program, Québec Édition is a proud partner of the City of Montreal. The fellowship program is also realized with the support of the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada.